About Xilia

Xilia is a 'Guanxi' based consultancy firm ...

Xilia is a 'Guanxi' based consultancy firm ...

... bringing business excellence to the Solar market

Xilia Ltd. was formed by a group of focused professionals coming from the Solar industry. 

At Xilia, we are developing opportunities in the Solar industry by bringing Asian manufacturers and European/Western investors together in the same working area.

- for investors: tools to secure their investments and raise ROI
- for manufacturers: tools to develop new channels and sell more

Recent history

Founded by René Moerman (co-founder and former Chief Strategy Officer of Solarif) and based on many years of experience in the industry by travelling between the continents.

Over these years he took the lead in auditing a lot of Asian companies and working hard together to expand current and develop new business. Starting with (but not limited to)  the aspects of warranty back-up his Asian team became more and more a sparring and strategic consultancy partner resulting in new business directions, contacts and remarkable results.

Other parties didn't, surprisingly, take the full benefit of these audit cycles. Based on these proven methods the Xilia team developed a comprehensive set of tools to add more value to their business relations in Asia. Investors became interested, seeing the opportunities to secure their investments, making solid choices in (Asian) partner selection together with long term securities in terms of  ROI.

Since May 1st , 2014 our CEO René Moerman stopped all activities with his former company (Solarif). While the Solarif company is continuing her development as an insurance agent and broker, new and wider options are created for Rene to act in the Asian and European market. By doing so he prevents any conflict of interest in any perspective and can move more freely in his role towards the Xilia relations as strategic partner. His role has become more independent and it allows Xilia to offer even more and tailor-made services to you.

The team and locations

The company has rapidly grown, and besides the daily management a board of experts was formed to backup the company in both areas of strategy and execution. In the board our CEO, CTO and CMO have their managerial presence and responsibilities for their respectively teams.

An important asset of Xilia, the local presence in crucial market areas, is under the responsibility of the CEO. Nowadays the company has representation in Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei and Valencia and a central service office.