Business development & New market entrance

Creating opportunities, increase sales

Creating opportunities, increase sales

We help to enter new markets as your partner.

Business and market development

Achieving your business goals is not only dependent on market opportunities but also on creating them. Xilia helps you to enter the market. For Chinese companies who want to export to Europe or for European companies who want to enter China.

Chinese companies

Europe is a very big and difficult market. It is not one big sales area, all countries are completely different. Is the company ready to export?

The first step is to identify the uniqueness of your company and products. Based on that we can develop together a plan to be executed. Your team is actively involved in this process so it is their own plan at the end. Xilia is constantly your supporter in this entire process.

Our ability to translate your growth wish into clear market opportunities and get you there is the power of Xilia. We connect you with potential distributors, arrange warehousing and local servicing for your products. We also can arrange all marketing & communication for your company. From our initial meeting, through every follow-up, throughout the creative and media planning process, and the implementation of every promotion or initiative, we serve as your conduit between the goal and the result. Our experience makes the bridge between Asia and Europe.


European companies

China is the same as Europe a big market with 1 language. That sounds attractive and it can be with the right approach and with the right partner. Xilia can help you to get to the market entrance.   

Together with our partners we can arrange an office, permits, establish a company, find funding, etc. Anything needed to start a company here. This is the easy part.

China is all about e-commerce no matter what business you are in. Also here with our partners, we can fully assist you.

Xilia is your business development partner, in- or outbound