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The Netherlands Sourcing support Source all raw materials used from China for high-end solar modules factory.
Germany Business development A new company developed an additional component that makes solar modules much stronger, cooler, and makes there fit 40-60% more modules in a container, and makes the modules a little cheaper.
The Netherlands Sourcing support A new mounting structure company asked us to find manufacturers of high-end components which decreases the installation time by 20-30%.
China Business development Together with LDW (machine builder) we designed and sold a machine for tailormade work to a junction box for the products of a customer in Holland.
Germany Sourcing support A new type( still a secret project) of micro-inverter needed certain components from China. We found the suppliers, made a selection and arranged the products.
The Netherlands Business development Together with LDW (machine builder), we designed a production machine that makes > 2,000 holes in a polymer sheet used in (back contact) solar modules every 10 seconds.
China Business development Together with a team of experts in Holland, Germany, and China, we developed a new IBC back contacted solar cell. A typical R&D and international business development process. 
China Technical due diligence A foreign company wants to acquire a solar module cleaning robot company in China and we did the technical dd.
China Business development Sango Building, a specialist in lightweight steel structure buildings asked us to develop an energy-neutral building concept.
The Netherlands Sourcing support + quality control Based on the specifications finding a supplier of a very specific element in solar modules to bring the temperature drastically down to improve the energy output and do the quality control.


Quality control

Mounting system suppliers check several factories where they make different elements of mounting structures.




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