Sourcing & Outsourcing

Get what you want

Get what you want

Xilia helps to get the products according to your specifications at a constant quality level, so no surprises.

With our active presence in the Chinese market since 2008, we know the dynamics, the active parties, and opportunities: Xilia knows what’s going on and where to go to find the right sourcing or outsourcing partner.

We are putting our personal passion & spirit + knowledge & know-how in it to find the right partner for you:

  • OEM. Your product produced in China under your name and quality standards
  • ODM. Your own design of your product produced in China 
  • Tailormade. Anything special? We find the company for you

All sourcing & outsourcing jobs Xilia is involved in are subjected to Western values: Quality, Certification, International standards, Environmental aspects, Labor conditions

Sourcing & outsourcing trajects are very intensive and need to be guided from scratch very thoroughly as the devil is in the details. As Xilia we know how to deal with this a this is one of our core activities.

The factories we use are known to Xilia and have a proven track record, pre-audited by experts and often back-upped by earlier different kinds of audits on behalf of Xilia. Making your sourcing & outsourcing process move faster at significantly lower risks. Furthermore, in Europe, Xilia has local specialists to assist you if needed in every step of the process.

Contact us for your sourcing or outsourcing demand. You will be surprised by our pragmatic approach!