Xilia team

Xilia is a 'Guanxi' based consultancy firm ...

Xilia is a 'Guanxi' based consultancy firm ...

... connecting passion & spirit + knowledge & know-how.

Xilia Ltd. was formed by a group of focused professionals coming from the Solar industry. 

At Xilia, we are developing opportunities in the Solar industry by bringing recognized (solar) experts together in the same working area. Our core-team of international and experienced professionals. Feel free to contact them! 

René Moerman, 
CEO & Founder
E: Rene.Moerman@xilia.asia





Jay Lin,
CTO & Founder
E: Jay.Lin@xilia.asia
T: +886 989 832 421 (asian timezone)

Daniël Kuijk, 
CMO & Founder
E: Daniel.Kuijk@xilia.eu
T: +31 6 5144 90099 (european timezone)